Library Policies

The following links will take you to the corresponding policies for Schreiner Memorial Library. For more information or a printed copy of our policies, please contact the library.
Circulation Policy (updated April 2019)
Bulletin Board Policy (updated January 2015)
Computer Use Policy (updated April 2017)
Performance Plaza, Community Room and Study Room Policy (updated July 2015)
Public Behavior Policy (updated March 2015)
Confidentiality of Records (updated March 2015)
Records Retention Policy (updated February 2015)
Materials Selection Policy (updated April 2015)
Gift Policy (updated March 2015)
Discard and Disposal Policy (updated March 2015)
Statement of Concern : This form may be filled out by an individual who is concerned with the existence or the location of an item within Schreiner Memorial Library. It should be filled out and turned in to the director.


*Photos taken on library property may be used for Library promotion, social media, or reporting purposes. Please speak to a staff member if you do not wish to be included in photos during an event.
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