Library Staff

Jennifer Bernetzke, Library Director               jbernetzke@swls. org
 Acquisitions and Programming:
Tara Fortney, Library Assistant III                  tfortney@swls. org
Genealogy and Children’s Departments:
Kerin Colson, Library Assistant II                     kcolson@swls. org
Technical Services:
Lynn Crooks, Library Assistant II                      lcrooks@swls. org
Other Staff:
Scott Murphy, Library Assistant I                    smurphy@swls. org
Janine Nigl, Library Assistant I                        jnigl@swls. org
Kristin Holman, Library Assistant I
Sam Klaas, Student Assistant
Lauren Yearous, Student Assistant
Maia Ryman, Student Assistant
Potosi Branch:
Susan Ackland, Library Assistant II                sackland@swls. org
Kristi Hart, Library Assistant I                         khart@swls. org