Learning Business Skills With Local Resources: Your Library Can Help!

by Suzie Wilson

Remember going to your local library as a child to borrow books for school reports and fun summer reading? Libraries offer a wealth of resources for people of all ages and walks of life. From novels to research materials and magazines, libraries offer something for everyone.

Built in 1957, Schreiner Memorial Library has grown and expanded over the years into its current, modern iteration. The library offers more than books and periodicals — it is a meeting place for local educational talks and programs. If you are a student or even an established entrepreneur, you may find that your local library is a perfect resource to help with your educational aspirations.

Useful Student Resources

Whether you are in high school, enrolled in college courses, or working your way through graduate school, your local library may become your new best friend. Students often spend an inordinate amount of time researching and reading materials for their areas of study. Rather than purchasing texts and paying subscription fees for online periodicals to access one or two articles for a research paper, students have the option to use free academic resources at their local library.

Students can save a lot of money by using free library resources. Periodicals and professional trade magazines are staples of local libraries and offer the latest information about best practices in a variety of fields. Business students seeking an MBA can access a range of publications to broaden their knowledge base.

You can search the library’s extensive catalog and can put books on hold as needed. The library’s catalog system is a great resource that saves a lot of time and money. Trained librarians can help you find what you are looking for quickly and will have ideas for accessing other educational resources that you may not have considered. Your hard work and a little help from your friends at the library can earn you a degree, just like you have always imagined.

Associates, Bachelors, MBA — You Decide

If you work or have a family, attending college traditionally may be challenging. Earning a degree through an online program can make your college experience more convenient for your lifestyle. Whether you opt to do your coursework in the evening or on weekends, the flexibility of an online schedule makes your degree more attainable. Accredited colleges offer a variety of options, including associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.

Students who want to build business skills can strive toward an MBA and learn a wide range of information from marketing to business management, and accounting. The skills you learn in an MBA program can help you start your own business or take your existing company to new heights. Those who choose to enroll in a degree program can benefit from the use of their local library to access all sorts of helpful programs, books, and resources to make education even more rewarding. In a sense, your local library is your partner in earning the best education possible.

Your Library as an Educational Partner

In your degree program, you will have access to professors and experienced professionals in a variety of fields. These teachers and mentors will advance your wisdom in your field of study and encourage you to reach beyond your current assumptions to tap into your best potential.

Similarly, your library can help you expand your knowledge base by connecting you with up-to-date resources, providing a quiet place to study, and making accessible online materials that can broaden your understanding of a variety of topics.

Many state and local libraries offer additional programming and take requests for guest speakers. If you have learning difficulties, you may also access audiobooks and tutoring programs through your local library. There is no end to the ways your library systems can help you achieve your goals for higher education, whether it is helping with your learning needs or providing a much-needed break with humorous reading materials and free movie rentals.

Learn more about Schreiner Memorial Library and its comprehensive programming and resources.

Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

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