New Twists to Old Holiday Traditions

This year, many people’s holiday traditions will be tossed out the window.  The need to be creative with gatherings is at the heart of our holiday season. What will the holidays look like for you this year?  We polled our friends and combed the internet for some meaningful ideas of how to proceed, and here are a few that resonated with us.

Send handwritten cards

This pandemic has made folks slow down a little and reflect this season.  We all love receiving handwritten cards in the mail. It means people are thinking about us and we are grateful.  Every year we think “I’m going to get those cards in the mail” but time tends to slip away from us.  This season, we’ll make the effort to reach out to those who are feeling secluded by sending a little snail mail their way.

Give the gift of literature

Make a list of your top 5 books you’d like to read.  Exchange lists, secretly purchase one and send it out with some special tea or cocoa to your loved one to enjoy on Christmas or New Years Eve.

Handmade gifts for others

This pandemic has sparked many people’s creativity.  Many have more time and have taken up some pretty interesting hobbies.  Don’t be surprised if more of your holiday gifts are handmade.  To us, there’s nothing better than to receive a thoughtful package with handmade goodies.  It lifts our spirits and brings warm thoughts of the gift giver.  Some handmade ideas to make are: cookies, chocolate covered anything, firestarters, bath salts, book marks, macrame, a hand knitted scarf, pictures from your children.

Read holiday books virtually

Reading holiday books helps with getting into the holiday season and there’s nothing like snuggling with your special kiddo. Consider reaching out virtually and taking some time to read to them (a picture book or chapter a day) helps you connect with that special person and makes your season that much sweeter.

Covid-19 survival kits

Send the gift of comfort.  A special book, slippers, a game, teas, hot cocoa, new facemasks, jigsaw puzzles…whatever you think would make your loved one smile. 

Make cookies or crafts with your loved ones virtually

We have friends who will be making cookies virtually with grandchildren. They’ll be collecting the same recipe (an old family recipe or a new one…both are great options), gathering the same ingredients and sharing that experience together but apart.  What a wonderful gift to be able pass this tradition on through the world wide web.

Shop Local

Supporting our community shops is important after this brutal year.  We try to do most of our shopping while supporting our smaller businesses.  If you’re unsure of what to give, reach out to the chamber of commerce for chamber bucks to gift to friends and family.  Every little bit helps our local community thrive and prevents our small businesses from missing out on holiday income, avoiding their closure. 

Enjoy your surroundings

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Take a thermos of hot cocoa in the evening and walk or ride in your car to take in the holiday lights. Think about listening to holiday music or an audio book such as “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” or “A Christmas Carol” while you explore.

New Years Eve/Winter Solstice Burning Bowl Ceremony

This year has been rough on many of us and the unwanted negative energy is lingering.  Consider writing down regrets, sorrows, and negative thoughts to dispel before heading to the new year.  Set them on fire (in a safe place…perhaps a fireplace or fire pit?) and take a few minutes to imagine those burdens burning away. Take a few deep breaths to breathe in positivity for the new year while expelling the negative past.

Whatever your new twist to old holiday traditions this year, please take some time for self care.  Take it slow, be mindful, and find your joy in the little things. We’re wishing you all a cozy, quiet, and meaningful holiday.

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