Learning Business Skills With Local Resources: Your Library Can Help!

by Suzie Wilson

Remember going to your local library as a child to borrow books for school reports and fun summer reading? Libraries offer a wealth of resources for people of all ages and walks of life. From novels to research materials and magazines, libraries offer something for everyone.

Built in 1957, Schreiner Memorial Library has grown and expanded over the years into its current, modern iteration. The library offers more than books and periodicals — it is a meeting place for local educational talks and programs. If you are a student or even an established entrepreneur, you may find that your local library is a perfect resource to help with your educational aspirations.

Useful Student Resources

Whether you are in high school, enrolled in college courses, or working your way through graduate school, your local library may become your new best friend. Students often spend an inordinate amount of time researching and reading materials for their areas of study. Rather than purchasing texts and paying subscription fees for online periodicals to access one or two articles for a research paper, students have the option to use free academic resources at their local library.

Students can save a lot of money by using free library resources. Periodicals and professional trade magazines are staples of local libraries and offer the latest information about best practices in a variety of fields. Business students seeking an MBA can access a range of publications to broaden their knowledge base.

You can search the library’s extensive catalog and can put books on hold as needed. The library’s catalog system is a great resource that saves a lot of time and money. Trained librarians can help you find what you are looking for quickly and will have ideas for accessing other educational resources that you may not have considered. Your hard work and a little help from your friends at the library can earn you a degree, just like you have always imagined.

Associates, Bachelors, MBA — You Decide

If you work or have a family, attending college traditionally may be challenging. Earning a degree through an online program can make your college experience more convenient for your lifestyle. Whether you opt to do your coursework in the evening or on weekends, the flexibility of an online schedule makes your degree more attainable. Accredited colleges offer a variety of options, including associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees.

Students who want to build business skills can strive toward an MBA and learn a wide range of information from marketing to business management, and accounting. The skills you learn in an MBA program can help you start your own business or take your existing company to new heights. Those who choose to enroll in a degree program can benefit from the use of their local library to access all sorts of helpful programs, books, and resources to make education even more rewarding. In a sense, your local library is your partner in earning the best education possible.

Your Library as an Educational Partner

In your degree program, you will have access to professors and experienced professionals in a variety of fields. These teachers and mentors will advance your wisdom in your field of study and encourage you to reach beyond your current assumptions to tap into your best potential.

Similarly, your library can help you expand your knowledge base by connecting you with up-to-date resources, providing a quiet place to study, and making accessible online materials that can broaden your understanding of a variety of topics.

Many state and local libraries offer additional programming and take requests for guest speakers. If you have learning difficulties, you may also access audiobooks and tutoring programs through your local library. There is no end to the ways your library systems can help you achieve your goals for higher education, whether it is helping with your learning needs or providing a much-needed break with humorous reading materials and free movie rentals.

Learn more about Schreiner Memorial Library and its comprehensive programming and resources.

Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

What is the deal with Beanstack?

Maybe you have heard of it or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, if you love a good reading challenge, Beanstack is the best application that you can access through Schreiner Memorial Library and Potosi Branch. You can earn badges, track time that you have spent reading, leave book reviews for other patrons to read, fight to get to the top of the leaderboard and most importantly, to have a great time!

Here are some videos explaining how to use Beanstack, both on a computer and on the go.

How to create an account and add readers:

How to log reading as a reader:

How to update your account and reader information:

How to add friends and view leaderboards:

How to create an account on the mobile app:

How to view and participate in challenges on the mobile app:

How to log reading on the mobile app:

How to log activities on the mobile app:

How to edit, add, and switch readers on the mobile app:

How to delete a reading session on the mobile app:

How to edit, add, and switch accounts on the mobile app:

How to add friends within your library and view your leaderboard on the mobile app:

We realize that not everyone is a fan of technology but still would love to participate in our summer reading program. You still can! You can give your details to a library staff member and they can enter you into the system, which will still make you eligible for the same prizes as though participating through the app. We want everyone to enjoy summer (and other reading challenges) reading in a way that feels the most comfortable to them.

Any other questions? Feel free to call/email/visit us at either library and we are willing and able to help you out with any of your Beanstack needs.

Happy reading to all and may the best reader win!

Covid and the Library

Covid-19 Procedure Update (will be updated after monthly board meetings):

6/9/21--The Library Board of Trustees has decided that community rooms are now available for public use. Children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Masks are encouraged for the unvaccinated and the Library continues to encourage the public to practice safe hygiene for now and into the future.


The City of Lancaster has released the following:

In accordance with CDC policy released today, May 13, 2021, the City shall not require masks for any individual who is fully vaccinated.  Mask use  is requested of those individuals who have not completed the full vaccination protocol.

The Library continues to encourage the use of sanitizer and other safe hygiene practices during this time.

4/15/21– The Library Director and the Board of Trustees for Schreiner Memorial Library has decided that it is finally time to open the doors. Effective as of May 3rd, 2021, Schreiner Memorial Library will be open from 9am-8pm M-Thur., 9am-5pm Fri. and Sat. 9am-1pm for browsing. Computers will be available (for one hour at a time), as will newspapers. Coffee bar will not be active at this time. Study rooms and community rooms will be available for use once more by appointment. Children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Although items will be quarantined for 24 hours, patrons are cautioned to use the library space and materials at their own discretion and risk. Curbside services will continue to be offered at this time. The Potosi Branch will be open TTh 3pm-8pm, Wed. 10am-1pm, and Sat. 9am-1pm. Only five people will be allowed in the Potosi Branch at a time. Children 13 and under must also be accompanied by an adult. Both libraries will continue to practice social distancing, sanitizing procedures, and the use of masks. Shields will continue to be in place at circulation desks to protect the staff.

We would like to thank the communities that we serve for being patient with us as we navigate into the “new normal” following a global pandemic. We are pleased to continue the tradition of providing access to information that has kept libraries in such esteem and reverence throughout the ages.

3/10/2021– The Library Director and Board of Trustees for Schreiner Memorial Library would like to assure the public that a regular discussion and evaluation of safe reopening procedures concerning the library are being conducted thoroughly during these changing and uncertain times. As an entity of the City of Lancaster, the Library bases its decisions on current CDC guidelines, released information from the Grant County Health Department, suggestions given to us by the Southwest Wisconsin Library System and the current pandemic climate in the state of Wisconsin. The protection and safety of our staff and patrons are always and will continue to be at the forefront as our highest priority. We strive to continue to provide a consistent plan with various service options for all library users in the SWLS system. Our current hope is that all of our staff who are open to getting vaccinated will choose to do so in the effort to achieve herd immunity and therefore provide a measure of safety in expanding our current services. We continue to appreciate the support and patience of everyone in our community as we continue to maneuver our way through these challenging times.

New Twists to Old Holiday Traditions

This year, many people’s holiday traditions will be tossed out the window.  The need to be creative with gatherings is at the heart of our holiday season. What will the holidays look like for you this year?  We polled our friends and combed the internet for some meaningful ideas of how to proceed, and here are a few that resonated with us.

Send handwritten cards

This pandemic has made folks slow down a little and reflect this season.  We all love receiving handwritten cards in the mail. It means people are thinking about us and we are grateful.  Every year we think “I’m going to get those cards in the mail” but time tends to slip away from us.  This season, we’ll make the effort to reach out to those who are feeling secluded by sending a little snail mail their way.

Give the gift of literature

Make a list of your top 5 books you’d like to read.  Exchange lists, secretly purchase one and send it out with some special tea or cocoa to your loved one to enjoy on Christmas or New Years Eve.

Handmade gifts for others

This pandemic has sparked many people’s creativity.  Many have more time and have taken up some pretty interesting hobbies.  Don’t be surprised if more of your holiday gifts are handmade.  To us, there’s nothing better than to receive a thoughtful package with handmade goodies.  It lifts our spirits and brings warm thoughts of the gift giver.  Some handmade ideas to make are: cookies, chocolate covered anything, firestarters, bath salts, book marks, macrame, a hand knitted scarf, pictures from your children.

Read holiday books virtually

Reading holiday books helps with getting into the holiday season and there’s nothing like snuggling with your special kiddo. Consider reaching out virtually and taking some time to read to them (a picture book or chapter a day) helps you connect with that special person and makes your season that much sweeter.

Covid-19 survival kits

Send the gift of comfort.  A special book, slippers, a game, teas, hot cocoa, new facemasks, jigsaw puzzles…whatever you think would make your loved one smile. 

Make cookies or crafts with your loved ones virtually

We have friends who will be making cookies virtually with grandchildren. They’ll be collecting the same recipe (an old family recipe or a new one…both are great options), gathering the same ingredients and sharing that experience together but apart.  What a wonderful gift to be able pass this tradition on through the world wide web.

Shop Local

Supporting our community shops is important after this brutal year.  We try to do most of our shopping while supporting our smaller businesses.  If you’re unsure of what to give, reach out to the chamber of commerce for chamber bucks to gift to friends and family.  Every little bit helps our local community thrive and prevents our small businesses from missing out on holiday income, avoiding their closure. 

Enjoy your surroundings

6 Festive Drive-Thru Christmas Lights To See This Year

Take a thermos of hot cocoa in the evening and walk or ride in your car to take in the holiday lights. Think about listening to holiday music or an audio book such as “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” or “A Christmas Carol” while you explore.

New Years Eve/Winter Solstice Burning Bowl Ceremony

This year has been rough on many of us and the unwanted negative energy is lingering.  Consider writing down regrets, sorrows, and negative thoughts to dispel before heading to the new year.  Set them on fire (in a safe place…perhaps a fireplace or fire pit?) and take a few minutes to imagine those burdens burning away. Take a few deep breaths to breathe in positivity for the new year while expelling the negative past.

Whatever your new twist to old holiday traditions this year, please take some time for self care.  Take it slow, be mindful, and find your joy in the little things. We’re wishing you all a cozy, quiet, and meaningful holiday.